RIGHT way to perform

Quality is an integral part of our structure which ensures all elements of our products are consistent and fully meet your requirements.

All of our employees at Red Lodge are authorized and empowered to contribute to the continual improvement of our quality systems.

Our processes encourage employees to take responsibility for quality throughout every stage of production, from graphic prepress to finished product shipping.

Some of our routines include:

  • Continuous Improvement - CI strategy for refinement of our processes
  • Adherence to Standard Operating Procedures - SOPs which ensure consistent results
  • Multi-stage inspections of all production activities for quality control
  • Ongoing training for the operation of equipment


RIGHT from the Start

Red Lodge is committed to the safety and health of all employees - our most important asset.

We ensure that all resources required to maintain a safe work environment are provided for every department.

Our safety systems are designed to identify and mitigate any risks which may present a workplace hazard for anyone on or near our facility.

A few of our practices and expectations include:

  • Well communicated procedures are presented and available to all employees
  • Continual equipment operation training is mandatory
  • All employees are responsible for the safety of themselves plus the safety of those around them
  • We expect all to respect that safety is everyone's job


RIGHT thing to Do

Sustainability is woven into every layer of our company as our commitment to caring about the environment.

From the thoughtful sourcing of raw materials, to the steady refinements of our processes, to the packaging of our products, we seek every opportunity to minimize the consumption of water, energy and raw materials.

We are up to the challenge and know that our long-term success depends upon thinking differently and acting accordingly regarding the consumption of natural resources.

A sampling of our initiatives include:

  • Recycling of heat generated by our presses to help heat our facility
  • The use of water-based soluble inks and cleaners
  • Collection of all cardboard and shrinkwrap materials which gain a second life
  • Operation of fuel-efficient vehicles

"We dont inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren"


We'll be the most dedicated and reliable company you have ever worked with.